• STEM Grant Awarded to CHS AND SMS

    Chattooga County School District has been awarded a Title IID Competitive Grant (STEM Grant) in the amount of $691,109. Georgia is making an important investment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) that involves the creation of state of the art 21st Century STEM Labs that will be located at Summerville Middle School and Chattooga High School.  The STEM Labs deeply engage school staff with post-secondary, community, and business partners. Strategically locating the 21st Century STEM Labs in each of Georgia’s 13 Congressional Districts ensures the greatest potential of expanding STEM education to many school sites across the state. To that end, the GaDOE has established a FY10 Title II, Part D 21st Century STEM Lab Competitive Grant with the goal of seeding sustained statewide emphasis on STEM education. This investment involves expanding the impact of Georgia’s 21st Century STEM education initiatives on the K-12 level – specifically through the creation of 26 STEM Labs in middle and high schools and the formation of 21st Century STEM Lab Governance Boards for each grant school that will partner with post-secondary institutions, STEM research and demonstration sites, community, and business.
    Congratulations to the team members at each school that assisted in working on the development of the grant application with Rick Clifton (Technology Director) and Dr. Donna Herring (Program Chair- Instructional Technology- Jacksonville State University).

    Robotics Training for STEM Grant Teachers