• Classes
    Your Art’s Desire- taught by Buffy Jo Williams and Valerie Burdick- students made and painted stepping stones.
    Shutterbugs- taught by Peggy Hicks and Lindsay Eckroat- reviewed top ten tips of good photography and took pictures
    of camp activities with disposable cameras.
    Tantalizing Technology- taught by Julie Kirk and Mary Beth Housch- used computers to make their own movies.
    Creative Writing- taught by Charlene Koonce- wrote the script for Fine Arts.
    Fine Arts- taught by Paula Arden and Reba Welch- performed a play.
    Monarch madness- taught by Lucy Lee and Lisa Duke- discovered all there is to know about Monarchs and watched the different life cycle stages of butterflies.
    Walk on the Wild Side- taught by Bobby Cavin and Toni Jaska- researched the different plants which attract butterflies and planted the garden.
    Geography Gems- taught by Russ Greer- held a campfire and learned about the Creek Indians.

    Slideshow: Summer Gifted Camp-LMES