Superintendent of Chattooga County Schools




    At this time, I am honored to serve as the Superintendent for Chattooga County Schools.  As we work together to ensure the success and safety of our students, I look forward to recognizing the amazing accomplishments of our students and staff.  During this school year, we will continue to focus on improving the academic performance of our students, as well as the extracurricular activities in which they are involved.  The Chattooga County School System provides endless opportunities for our students to learn and grow, and we offer the students an excellent academic program including CTAE Pathways, Dual Enrollment, music, art, athletics and everything in between.


    Whether you are parents, grandparents, school bus drivers, lunchroom personnel, facilities maintenance workers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, nurses, counselors, media specialists, teachers, administrators, department heads, or involved in any other capacity in our community or school system, you are integral to ensuring that our schools are highly effective centers of learning.  The world we are sending our students into each year is not the world we once knew.  Let's continue to impact the world by molding the leaders of tomorrow and making our world a better place for generations to come.  


    I challenge you all to get involved.  Be visible by supporting your child's educational and extracurricular activities and the entire school system.  Your support and input are critical to the academic and social, emotional well-being of our students.


    Jared Hosmer