• September 2008 Board Agenda
    Work Session


                                BOARD MEETING

                                         WORK SESSION AGENDA – 7:00 P.M.

                             SEPTEMBER 2, 2008




    Chattooga County Board of Education


    Office of the Superintendent


    Agenda for Board Meeting



    Pledge of Allegiance


    Adoption of Superintendent’s Recommended Agenda for September 2, 2008 School Board Meeting


    Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings

    1.      Work Session  -     August 4, 2008

    2.      Regular Session -  August 11,2008                        


    Public Participation


    1. Resolutions/Recognitions

    1. Dr. Pullen along with School Food Service will present Certificates of Appreciation to Community Volunteers and Staff for their contribution to the Summer Feeding Program.


    1. School Board Members

    1. Board Consideration of request from Ken Smith, Chattooga High School Band Director, for funding for additional assistants during marching season. We will postpone this request until our new Budget year. 

    2. Board Consideration of fully funding lockers in new building for Middle School students at Menlo School.


    1. School Board Policies



    1. Financial Management

    1. Board Consideration for approval of Financial Statement ending June 30, 2008.

    2. Board Consideration for approval of Invoices for work on CHS Pressbox.

    3. Board Consideration for approval of Invoices for materials used for CHS Stadium improvement.

    4. Board Consideration for approval of use of Chattooga High School Cafeteria & multiple classrooms by the Chattooga County Health Department on October 4.

    5.  Board Consideration for approval of use of Summerville Middle School Cafeteria by Northwest Georgia Regional Cancer Coalition on May 12, 2009.

    6. Board Consideration for approval for School Sales Projects.

    7. Board Consideration for approval of Opening bid & purchasing Lab Equipment for Computer Lab Equipment for Language Arts Department at CHS.

    8. Board Consideration for approval of use of Chattooga High School Parking lot and Gym (for restrooms) on September 13, 2008 from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. for Motorcycle ride.


           E. Educational Programs, Student Support and Staff Development

    Approved 09-02-08**1. Board Consideration of Superintendent’s Recommendation for approval of Field Trip for North Region FFA Rally in Covington, Georgia on Sept. 5 & 6. A letter of apology is attached

         2. Board Consideration for approval of Field Trips.


    1. Support Services/Facilities and Construction Management/Planning


    Executive Session

          Mr. Bo Burdick and Mr. Miles Bagley asks to address the Board concerning

          Discipline issues during Executive Session.


    1. Personnel

    1. Board Consideration of Recommendations for Certified & Classified Personnel

                    Classified Resignations: Gordon Boyd, Regular Bus Driver; Robert Houston,

              Regular Bus Driver; Willa Dean Sentell, SMS Food Service Asst.; Jan Stoker,

              CHS Special Ed Para


              Classified Recommendations: John Worsham, Supervisor Maintenance, Fac.,

    & Grounds; Brandon Bishop, PE Para LMES;(inadvertently left off) Tina        Cordle, Spec. Ed Para CHS, Tonya Hughes, Spec. Ed. Para, LMES;

              Adrianna Thompson, Kindergarten Para LES; Larry Burnette, Full

              Time Bus Driver; Chris Thompson, Regular Part Time Custodian; Barbara

              Drawdy, Regular Part Time Food Serv. Asst.; Margaret Fulmer, Regular Part

              Time Food Serv. Asst


              Classified Transfers: Carol Allen, SES Custodian


              Substitute Recommendations: Brandi James, Sub.Tchr-Certified; Jeannette

                    Mize, Sub Tchr-Certified; Jean Adele, Cynthia Bell, Carolyn Gentry, Jeremy

                    Heathcock, April Hunter. Angela Kendrick, Sabrina Middleton, Jayne Short,

                    Cathy Stallings, Marcie Stamper, Trey Thrasher, Hannah Turner;

                    Sub Custodian: Chad Anthony, Bobby Lawson, James Morgan;

        Sub Custodian & Food   Service:  Bobie Jo Brazelton, Tammie Rena Moore;

        Sub Food Service: Willa Dean Sentell, Miranda Morgan                         

    2. Board Consideration of approval of new System Job Descriptions.


    1. Superintendent of School