Each local agency shall develop a Student Support Team.  The Student Support Team is a joint effort of regular education and special education to identify and plan alternative instructional strategies for children prior to or in lieu of a special education referral.  Each building level team is comprised of such persons as administrator, classroom teacher, requesting teacher, special education teacher, counselor, school psychologist, special education resource person, school social worker or central office personnel.  Parental involvement is also a critical part of the Student Support Team process.

    This interdisciplinary group which plans for modification in a student’s education program shall engage in a six step process to include: 

    (1) identification of needs,

    (2) assessment, if necessary,

    (3) educational plan,

    (4) implementation,

    (5) follow-up and support, and

    (6) continuous monitoring and evaluation. 

    The Student Support Team functions under the auspices of regular education curriculum services and is based upon the child study team concept.

    Requests for service for the student from the Student Support Team may include curriculum modification, learning style assessment, behavior management techniques, achievement evaluation, home-school communication, or study skill assistance.  Requests for special education services may also be made.  Prior to consideration for special education referral non-special education options should be considered, interventions used, documented, described, and discussed at the special education placement meeting.  In limited instances, initial referral to the Student Support Team prior to special education referral will not be necessary.  These cases are those in which the necessity for special education is so clear that use of nonspecial education options would be non-productive or harmful to the child.  In those cases where initial referral is not to the Student Support Team, the reasons therefor will be documented.

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