The Response to Intervention/Student Support Team (RTI/SST) process is designed to provide support to the student and teacher through a collaborative approach. The RTI/SST is a regular education, problem-solving process in every school with the goal of helping students improve their behavior and academic performance. When a student experiences academic or behavioral problems, the teacher or parent may request the assistance of the school's Response to Intervention/Student Support Team.
    The RTI/SST process has six basic steps:
    1. Gathering Information
    2. Evaluating the Information
    3. Developing an Educational Plan
    4. Implementing the Educational Plan
    5. Evaluating the Progress
    6. Monitoring the Plan

Department Contacts

  • Beth Hall, Director of Special Ed.

    Business: 706-822-9902
    Email: bhall@chattooga.k12.ga.us

    Debbie Garrett, School Psychologist

    Business: 706-822-9902
    Email: dgarrett@chattooga.k12.ga.us

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