• October 2008 Board Minutes
    Work Session


    October 6, 2008



    Chattooga County Board of Education


    Office of the Superintendent


    Agenda for Board Meeting


    The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mr. Anderson, Chairman.


    All Board members, with the exception of Mrs. Johnson were present along with Superintendent, Dr. Pullen and Will Turner, Student Advisor.


    Invocation – Dr. Pullen opened the meeting with Prayer.

    Pledge of Allegiance –Mr. Will Turner led the group in the Pledge


     Mr. Anderson asks if there were any additions to the Superintendent’s Recommended Agenda for October 6, 2008 Board Meeting. There were none. Mr. Elsberry made a motion to approve Agenda as printed with a second by Mr. Money and the vote was unanimous.


    Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings at the next meeting on October 13, 2008.

    1. Work Session -        August 4, 2008

    2. Regular Session -    August 11,2008   


    Public Participation


    1. Resolutions/Recognitions –  NONE


    1. School Board Members - NONE


    1. School Board Policies

    1. 1. Board Consideration for approval of Updated System Parent Involvement Policy.

    2. Board Consideration to reaffirm Board Policy IA.


    1. Financial Management

    1. Board Consideration for approval of Financial Statement ending July 31, 2008 and August 2008.

    2. Board Consideration for approval of Invoices for materials used for CHS Stadium improvement.

    3. Board Consideration for approval of School Sales Projects

    4. Board Consideration for approval of use of Chattooga High School Cafeteria

     and Gym by United By Faith Baptist Church.

    5. Board Consideration for approval of Invoice from ADF Welding & Medical,

     Inc. for work on CHS Metal Lab.


    Educational Programs, Student Support and Staff Development

    1. Board Consideration for approval of Field Trips.

    2. Board Consideration for approval of the following people to serve on

     Tribunals for the 2008-2009 school year:

     Debbie Garrett, Mitch Williams, Michael Benefield, Jim Lenderman, Beth

     Morgan, Morgan Nugent, Jared Hosmer, Christy Swansborough, Miss Lanier,

     Robbie Robison, Judy England, Regina Parker, Barry Peppers, Teresa Pewitt,

     Paula Buice, Carole Hosmer, Mike Martin, Beth Hall, Ila King, Brian Beasley,

     Diane Mitchell, Kevin Muskett & Jennifer Reese.

    3. (Approved 10-06-08) Board Consideration of Superintendents Recommendation for approval of Field Trip. Due to an error in the County Office this was inadvertently left off request for Agenda on September 8, 2008.

    A motion was made by Mr. Money with a second by Mr. Massey to approve item # 3.


    1. Support Services/Facilities and Construction Management/Planning

    1. Mr. John Worsham, Maintenance, Facilities & Grounds Supervisor has 3 Architects to give their presentations to be considered as our new Architect.  They are: Southern A&E, JK&H and Buckley & Associates

                2. Mr. John Worshan, Maintenance, Facilities & Grounds Supervisor, will open

                 bids for Roof at Menlo Elementary, Gymnasium Floor at Leroy Massey Elem.

                 and Gymnasium Floor at Summerville Middle School. He will make his 

                 recommendation at the next Board Meeting on October 13, 2008.


                Executive Session – The Board did not go into Executive Session.


    1. Personnel

    1. Board Consideration of Recommendations for Certified & Classified Personnel

                    Certified Recommendations: Brandi James, SES ECE, MG

                    Certified Transfers: Betty Wagner, LES Teacher, new position

        Classified Resignations: James R. “Bob” Farrow, Maintenance Tech-HVAC;

               Patricia Bolton, MES School Food Service

              Classified Recommendations: Cynthia Bell, Special Ed. Para; Geneva

                Williams, Food Service Asst.; Melvin Mosley, Full Time Sub Driver

               Extended Medical Leave: Teena DiPillo beginning 11-04-08

                     Substitute Recommendations:  Teachers: Jayna Abernathy, Donna Blanton,

                       Larita Burke, Doris Burnette, Randy Davis, Loretta Woods Dukes, Jessica 

                       Hurley, Amanda McKeehan, Ashley Patterson, Amy Peterson, Sub Teacher

                     & Food Service: Jane Hawkins   Sub Food Service: Mary Anderson, Patricia

                        Bolton, Diane Myrick, Lindsey Strickland, Martha Travillian, Marci

                        Trautner   Sub Food Service/Custodian: Thomas T. Day



    1.  Superintendent of School

    1. Board Consideration for approval of a Resolution to support Chattooga County Livestock Arena and Convention Center.

    2. Board Consideration for approval for a Lease Agreement to allow Chattooga County Livestock Arena and Convention Center to be constructed on School Board Property.

    3. Board Consideration to begin the Standards Board of Education progress thru Georgia School Board Association.


         Mr. Anderson, Chairman asks the Board for a motion to set policy aside for this meeting. Mr. Elsberry made a motion with a second by Mr. Massey and the vote was unanimous.


    Mr. Anderson, Chairman, made an amendment to Board Policy BCBI that does not allow the public to speak at the Board meeting unless they are on the Agenda five days prior to the meeting date. However, members of the community that had gathered for the meeting were allowed to speak on the issue regarding the recent dismissal of Chattooga High School football Coach John Starr from his coaching position.


    Several members of the community spoke about their disapproval of the decision to dismiss Coach Starr. The Board heard their comments and Chairman Anderson reminded everyone that if they wish to be put on the Agenda to speak about any school related issues their request must be submitted in writing 5 days prior to the Board meeting. The next meeting will be Monday, October 13 at 7:00 p.m


    With no further business Mr. Money made a motion to adjourn at 9:25 p.m. with a second by Mr. Elsberry and the vote was unanimous.





    __________________________                               ___________________________

    Dr. Dwight Pullen, Superintendent                            Mr. William Anderson, Chairman