During the 2009 session of the Georgia General Assembly, HB251 was passed and subsequently signed by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.  This bill allows for open transfers for students into schools that are not deemed at, or above, capacity by local school districts. 
    Provisions Regarding School Transfers Available Under Passage of HB251 (2009)
    Basic Provisions for Parents/Guardians:
    1. A parent/guardian can apply to send a student to another school in the Chattooga County School System as long as the selected school is not at/overcapacity. Within the available schools, there must be (a) classroom space and/or (b) opportunity for service in any special program needed by the student.
    2. A parent electing to exercise this choice option must begin the process by (a) reviewing the School System’s Student Reassignment and Transfer Guidelines: and, (b) apply for transfer via the Reassignment and Transfer Request Form (also posted electronically for usage by parents).
    3. If a parent elects to exercise this choice option, the following provisions must be understood:
      • The parent assumes all responsibility associated with the transportation of the child to/from the selected school.
      • The student who transferred to a selected school may continue until completion of the highest grade at that school.
      • In order to continue a transfer, the student must maintain acceptable grades, discipline, and attendance. Additionally, a cooperative/productive relationship between home and school must also be maintained for a transfer to remain valid.
    Timeline for Application Submission 
    • All applications must be submitted directly to the Title I Director by September 1st of each year.


    • All submissions after that date will result in a denial of the request.
    Available Schools 







    Leroy Massey Elementary



    Chattooga High



    Lyerly Elementary



    Menlo Elementary





    Summerville Middle


    Guidelines For Student Reassignment and Transfers 

    Parent Letter

    HB251 Parent Transfer Request Form

    Open Transfers for Students