2023-2024 Charge Policy

Charging of Meals

All cafeterias have computerized cashiering with pre-payment ability. We encourage pre-payments for the student's convenience. Parents may check student balances and make payments online at www.linqconnect.com. This website will allow families to see current transactions, monitor cafeteria balances, and make payments on cafeteria accounts. There are also options to set up alerts for low-balances, and other important alerts that families may find beneficial. 

Cafeteria balance letters will be sent home with students each month to keep families informed of outstanding cafeteria account balances. Limited charges are allowed for students; however, if charges are not paid and become excessive, students may be denied participation in various rewards, including but not limited to field trips, field days, and other reward incentives. In addition, the Nutrition Department will make phone calls to parents/guardians who do not respond to monthly cafeteria balance letters and maintain documentation of contact attempts on file in the Nutrition Department. If a successful resolution is not met, the administration may make a referral to the school social worker or seek reimbursement through legal means. 

Snacks and Extras

Snacks and extra menu items (a la carte items) are available for purchase. Students with outstanding cafeteria balances cannot purchase snacks or a la carte items. All snacks sold during the school days must meet Smart Snack guidelines. This includes fundraiser items and items sold in the school office, school store, or anywhere on the school campus during school hours. This applies to vending machines as well.

 Free/Reduced Lunch Application Procedure

  • Every student receives a free and reduced meal application on the first day of each school year, or on the first day of his/her enrollment in this system.
  • After completion of the application, it should be submitted to the lunchroom manager. (Note: if a family has more than one child in the school system, only one application is needed.)
  • The manager will send the application to the Nutrition Department at the Central Office.
  • The Nutrition Department will compute the application for approval. A letter will be sent to the lunchroom manager indicating the child's free or reduced meal status. The manager will give this letter to the child to take home to his/her parent/guardian.
  • Free and reduced meal applications are valid for one school year only. Applications must be filled out each year the child is enrolled in our system. However, students who received free and/or reduced meals the previous year may continue eligibility for up to 30 days of the new school year while a current application is being processed.

Any child without a previously approved application on file is responsible for paying for any meals they eat until their application is complete, turned in, and approved.