• Chattooga County School Nutrition can provide meals to students who have opted to utilize virtual learning instead of returning to school in a traditional setting. However, in order to maintain efficiency within the Nutrition Department and ensure students are provided healthy, well-rounded meals, families must adhere to the following:


    1. Each household must complete a Free/Reduced Meal Application. Meal applications can be accessed by visiting lunchapplication.com. Only one application is needed per household.
    2. Families who do not complete a Free/Reduced Meal application will be subject to regular price meals. Families who complete a Free/Reduced Meal application will be notified of their eligibility status once the application is processed. Until applications are processed, previous year status will remain in effect for 30 days. If an application is not received within 30 days, eligibility status will automatically change to regular price and families will be responsible for meal payments until an application is received and approved to change the eligibility status to free or reduced, if applicable.
    3. Families will be responsible for picking up meals from the school location where their student is enrolled between 9AM and 10 AM on Tuesdays. Families with children in multiple schools will need to visit each school location to obtain a meal for their student. Meals will be provided once per week and will contain enough meals for five (5) days.
    4. Payment for meals is required when meals are picked up, unless pre-paid at k12paymentcenter.com. Payment will be based on eligibility status (reduced or regular price) and multiplied by the number of meals provided, which will be five (5) breakfast meals and five (5) lunch meals. See chart below for meal pricing information.
    5. Families who choose to have meals provided by Chattooga County School Nutrition will be asked to pre-order meals on a weekly basis for meal preparation purposes. Pre-orders will be due by 12 PM (noon) on Wednesdays for the following week’s meal pick-up. 
    6. Only pre-ordered meals will be prepared. 

                                                  Breakfast/Lunch Prices for ONE WEEK of Meals


    Regular Paid Students:

    Reduced Students:







    Select the applicable schools on the left side of this page under "Virtual Learning Meal Service". Click on "Pre-Order Form" to be directed to our Google Form to place your weekly order. You will visit this site each week and repeat the process for each week you wish to have meals provided.