• Ms. Abdou's 4th Grade Literacy

    The English language; the ability to read it, write it, and effectively understand it, is critical to our ability to communicate. The subject of Reading and Language Arts are combined here at Leroy Massey Elementary School into a two and a half hour "Literacy Block."

    During this time we will work toward providing a grasp of literacy concepts in accordance with the Fourth Grade Georgia Performance Standards for Reading and Language Arts.

Class Announcements

  • GPS Standard ELA4W2

    In our Literacy Block, we are currently working on Geoprgia Performance Standard ELA4W2:

    The student produces informational writing that:

    a. Engages the reader by establishing a context, creating a speaker's voice, and otherwise developing reader interest.
    b. Frames a central question about an issue or situation.
    c. Creates an organizing structure.
    d. Includes apprpriate facts and …

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Class Contacts

  • Abdou, Marilyn

    Business: (706) 857-7876
    Email: mabdou@chattooga.k12.ga.us
    Address: 493 Dot Johnson Drive
    Summerville, Ga. 30747