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    Instructor: Mitchell, Robin

    Robin Mitchell - 3rd grade Social Studies

    Social Studies:
    SS3H2 The student will discuss the lives of Americans who expanded people's rights and freedoms in a democracy.
         a.  Paul Revere (independence), Frederick Douglass (civil rights), Susan B. Anthony ( women's rights), Mary McLeod Bethune (education), Franklin D. Roosevelt ( New Deal and World War II), Eleanor Roosevelt ( United Nations and human rights), Thurgood Marshall ( civil rights ) , Lyndon B. Johnson ( Great Society and voting rights), and Cesar Chavez ( workers' rights).
          b.  Explain social barriers, restrictions, and obstacles that these historical figures had to overcome and describe how they overcame them.

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    This week we are discussing the life of Susan B. Anthony. A Study guide was sent home on Friday. There will be a test on Susan B. Anthony on January 20th. The following week we will be discussing Mary Bethune. We will have a test on her on January 27th.

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