• Social Studies-4th Grade

    Instructor: Driskell, Courtney


    Social Studies Syllabus - Grade 4

    All students should be able to:

    · Describe cultures of the American Indians
    · Describe geography of the American Indians
    · Identify physical Features of the US
    · Explain European Exploration
    · Describe geography of exploration
    · Describe character traits of explorers
    · Explain the impact of economics on history
    · Discuss British Colonial America
    · Describe geography of the colonies
    · Describe federal system of government
    · Explain positive character traits of colonists
    · Identify and describe causes, events and results of American Revolution
    · Describe geography of the Revolution
    · Explain the impact of geography on war
    · Discuss the Declaration of Independence
    · Describe the impact of economics on history
    · Discuss the Articles of Confederation, Constitution,
    · Discuss the Bill of Rights
    · Know the Preamble and “We the People”
    · Explain the Federal System of Government
    · Know and explain the First Amendment
    · Describe the functions of Government
    · Explain Democratic beliefs and ideals
    · Describe character traits
    · Discuss the War of 1812
    · Explain the Westward Expansion
    · Describe Abolition and Suffrage
    · Locate features of US
    · Identify geography of Westward Expansion
    · Describe the impact of economics on history
    · Make decisions about spending and saving

    In fourth grade, we will begin the formal study of United States history. At this grade, the four strands of history, geography, civics, and economics are fully integrated. Students begin their study of United States history with the development of Native American cultures and conclude with the antebellum period ending in 1860.

    Click link to see standards: Fourth Grade SS Georgia State Standards  

    AGENDAS: Students should use their Agendas daily to write assignments, specific due dates, test dates, and project due dates. This is an important tool for students and parents to track when assignments are due.



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