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Classroom Expectations


Fourth graders will have a reasonable amount of homework. This gives the learners an opportunity to practice and review the skills learned in class. It is important for you to show an interest in your child's schoolwork; however, homework should not always require parental help. You can help by establishing a homework routine, checking to see that homework assignments are completed, and communicate the importance of turning it in on time. If homework is not completed and turned in on time, consequences will result.


  Appropriate behavior at school is expected from all students, and all rules will be enforced consistently. Our behavior management plan is as follows.

  • Respect others and obey all school rules.
  • Follow directions and listen quietly and carefully.
  • Complete all assignments when given.
  • Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.
  • Stay seated unless given permission otherwise.


  • Positive reinforcement/verbal praise
  • Notes of praise sent home
  • PRIDE bucks
  • Other various perks throughout the year


  In the event that any student chooses not to abide by the rules, consequences will be enforced. Consequences may include, but are not limited to, verbal warning, lose part of recess or p.e., lose all of recess or p.e., time out, silent lunch, reflective writing, or an office referral.